In light of our recent post on working with communities around the Popup Society movement, we are going to be doing some extensive travelling over the next couple of months. We want to engage with people participating in the Popup Society or developing services to help it.

We will be spending a week in three different cities: Berlin, Dublin & Amsterdam. Our idea is to oppose the rigid, uniform formats banks use in their ads, telling us we are all look and think alike. We want to showcase the amazingly cool things people are actually doing, and create, together, marketing stunts that showcase the startups, projects and popup activities people are working on. This is a chance to meet new people, learn from each other, promote the things you’re working on and to make a statement. Some ideas for stunts:

  • Create a photography exhibition in a public space showing some real action
  • Beam video clips onto the walls of a major bank
  • Organise a picnic with a podium where everyone gets their 5 minute slot to talk about what they are doing, and get everyone to help one another

These are just initial ideas, we invite to join us in shaping the stunt. We welcome more ideas on Monday evening when we arrive, and during Tuesday while we prepare to work on them (see below for how to get involved). The more radical, the better. Our video producer, Arttu Talvitie, will be there to document and take part in creation. Check out the video he created demonstrating real people and their passions.

A very few will also get special super early access to Holvi, for the first time outside Finland.


  • Berlin, 22–26 July, Betahaus
  • Dublin, August (TBA)
  • Amsterdam, Late August / September (TBA)

Schedule (Berlin)


14:00 — Latest we arrive at Betahaus
16:00 — Brainstorm workshop! Put together ideas for the marketing stunt. The more outrageous, the better.
18:00 — ‘After work’ beers


16:00 — OK, we now know what that stunt will be. How do we do it? Thinking about who does what and when. What resources needed


16:00 — Office Hours. Want to know about Holvi? Questions on running a startup? Want to meet Kristoffer Lawson or Arttu Talvitie? This is your moment.


16:00 — Final activities and plans. Preparing for the stunt next day.


Make some noise! The time is not yet specified as it depends on what idea we come up with on Monday and Tuesday 🙂

Secret Sauna Party & BBQ

Yes, we will be putting this together as well one evening. Meet us on Monday to find out…

How to get involved?

Email Kristoffer at setok@holvi.com, follow us on Twitter, follow our Facebook page. We will also update our special Popup Rebels Tour page.

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